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Technology summer courses at Politecnico di Milano

The project

TechCamp@POLIMI is the first project in Italy to bring high school students closer to technology courses (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with university level standards.

TechCamp@POLIMI courses are dedicated to high school students starting from the 2nd year. They are limited number intensive courses, held in English, each lasting one week and held after the end of the school in June.

TechCamp@POLIMI courses are all prepared and held by professors, researchers and PhD students of the Politecnico di Milano.

Applications for admission will open on February 1st 2023.

TechCamp@POLIMI numbers

0 technology topics
0 places available
0 scholarships available

Who: high school studentsWho

High school students
starting from 2nd year

What: corsi STEM coursesWhat

5 STEM topics
Coding :: Robotics :: Mobility :: Cybersecurity :: Green Energy

Where: Campus Città Studi - PoliMiWhere

Campus Città Studi/Bovisa at
Politecnico di Milano

When: TechCamp@POLIMI datesWhen

12-16 , 19-23
June 2023

TechCamp@POLIMI courses

Green Energy: pillars and dreams

Important note: as there are several notions of physics, this course is recommended for students who have completed the 3rd year of high school. We talk about it in many areas, it seems at hand and yet we seem nailed […]

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Race car dynamics

Clear a distance in less time and cross the line before other vehicles. That is the target for a racing car. Motorsport represents a challenge for drivers and engineers, always looking for new ideas to push the technology to its […]

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Python: a language for world inventors

This is the summer coding course dedicated to high school students (starting from the second year) to develop “computational thinking”, i.e. the ability to deal with problems of different types (even the daily ones!) using the conceptual and technical tools […]

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Cybersecurity and Hacking: doing what wasn’t expected

Discover the summer course in cybersecurity and hacking devoted to secondary school students (from the second year on). Understand and develop a hacker mentality in order to block cyber attacks. Understand how technologies work in order to exploit them in […]

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Intelligent and autonomous vehicles

Tesla, Apple, Google and many others are trying. Will self-driving vehicles be the future? What intelligence is behind these vehicles? In this course, conceived and prepared by professors of the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, we […]

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Robotics: the art of intelligent motion

The TechCamp robotics course is held at Polimi in Milan, and is exclusively for secondary school students in their second year on following application. The robotics course is conducted by experts in the sector of robotics. It stands out from […]

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Technology is your future!

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