Pre-university orientation for high school students. 

Milan is a modern and cutting-edge city, a reference point in Italy for both education, academy and the world of work. It offers numerous study opportunities and a rich and diverse job market. 

The pre-university orientation period at Politecnico di Milano represents an exciting time to explore one’s interests, get to know one of the best universities in the STEM fields, and orient oneself in the vibrant city of Milan

The Politecnico has two campuses: the historic campus founded in 1927 (Campus Leonardo), now known as Campus Milano Città Studi, and Campus Milano Bovisa. 

Campus Milano Città Studi: 

The Camplus Città Studi, opened in 1999, is located in the lively district of Milan bearing the same name. It is strategically situated just 200 meters from the subway station and facing the headquarters of the Politecnico. This privileged location makes it an optimal choice for university students, especially those attending the Politecnico. The facility stands out for the quality and completeness of the services offered, as well as its architectural impact, with particular attention to aesthetics and sustainable building practices. 

Campus Milano Bovisa: 

Campus Bovisa is located at about 30 minutes by public transportation from Campus Città Studi, nestled in a dynamic and youthful urban area characterized by the university presence and a variety of services. This location makes the residence ideal for students seeking a lively and stimulating environment to live and study.