Studying in Milan, Excursions. 

Just a few minutes from Milan, you can visit places and cities with great artistic and naturalistic charm. These destinations are easily accessible by car or public transport (train and metro). They are great destinations to visit whilst attending the STEM courses for high school students by Politecnico di Milano. 

Monza Park and Villa Reale 

Just a few kilometres from Milan and easily reachable by train is Monza, with its gem: Monza Park, located at its centre. This park is one of the largest historic parks in Europe and is distinguished by its preserved original wall of about 14 km, making it the third-largest walled park in Europe. Inside, stands the neoclassical Royal Villa, built between 1777 and 1780 commissioned by the Empress of Austria for her son, Ferdinand. The works were entrusted to Piermarini, the same architect involved in the construction of the Royal Palace of Caserta and Teatro La Scala. The Royal Villa offers the opportunity to explore the royal apartments, the royal chapel, the court theatre, and the famous Gardens. Also located within Monza Park is the Monza National Autodrome, which is open to the public for free visits. This addition makes Monza Park not only a place of natural and architectural beauty but also an opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the history of racing. 

Lake Como 

Lake Como has always been a favourite destination for day trips for Milanese residents, but in recent times it has also become one of the most beloved destinations by Hollywood celebrities who regularly spend their holidays along the shores of this enchanting lake. A visit to the city of Como begins in its historic centre, surrounded by ancient walls, and then continues to Villa Olmo, an 18th-century residence with an Italian garden, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city and the lake. To further explore the lake, you have the opportunity to board one of the many boats or trains that travel to charming destinations such as Lecco, Bellagio, Menaggio, and Varenna. 

Bergamo Alta 

Another city near Milan, easily reachable by train, is Bergamo. Bergamo Alta, a neighbourhood of the city, is a charming medieval village that can be explored on foot from the station or, more conveniently, using the funicular. The heart of Bergamo Alta is represented by Piazza Vecchia, with the Palazzo della Ragione and the Palazzo Nuovo rising on its two sides, the latter characterized by an imposing facade in white marble. At the end of the square, the splendid Romanesque basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is revealed, flanked by the magnificent Porta dei Leoni Rossi, which offers a view of Piazza Duomo and the Baptistery. 

Pavia and the Certosa. 

Pavia is a charming town located just 35 km south of Milan, easily accessible by train as well. With a glorious past, founded by the Romans and later conquered by the Lombards in 572 after a prolonged siege, Pavia was elevated to the capital of the kingdom, becoming one of the most important cities in the Peninsula. What remains and is still visible today are the testimonies of this extraordinary past, including one of the oldest universities in Europe (which has hosted illustrious figures such as Ugo Foscolo, Vincenzo Monti, Alessandro Volta, and many others), Piazza della Vittoria, the Cathedral of Santo Stefano and Santa Maria Assunta, the Basilica of San Teodoro, the Covered Bridge, and the characteristic Borgo Ticino. A few kilometres outside the city is one of the greatest Italian masterpieces of the Renaissance: the Certosa di Pavia. 

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