Politecnico, an Italian excellence.

Summer School of Politecnico di Milano: an Italian Excellence. 

The Politecnico is the top-ranked university in Italy and ranks 47th in Europe according to the QS University Rankings. 

In the fields of Design, Architecture, and Engineering, it ranks among the top 20 universities worldwide. 

To facilitate access and understanding for students, educational summer camps are organized for teenagers to instill the belief that STEM subjects are indeed suitable for their academic path. 

The Politecnico is a public university specialized in training engineers, architects, and designers. 

It has always placed a strong emphasis on quality and innovation in teaching and research, fostering fruitful collaborations with the economic and productive world through experimental research and technology transfer. Research is closely integrated with teaching, representing a priority that allows Politecnico di Milano to achieve high-level international results and facilitate interaction between the university and the industries. 

Research activity is also a parallel path developed through cooperation and alliances with the industrial system. The Politecnico recognizes the importance of understanding the context in which students will operate, considering it a fundamental requirement for their education. The orientation towards the needs of the industrial world and public administration allows research to explore new territories and address the need for constant and rapid innovation. 

The alliance with the industrial world, often supported by the Politecnico Foundation and affiliated consortia, allows the university to respond to the needs of the territories in which it is rooted, acting as an engine for local development. 

The current challenge drives the Politecnico to project its tradition of territorial anchorage beyond national borders, actively participating in a European-level debate. The goal is to contribute to the creation of a “single market” for education. The Politecnico is involved in numerous research and training projects, collaborating with the most qualified European and international universities, from North America to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Currently, the drive for internationalisation sees Politecnico di Milano participating in the European and global network of leading technical universities, offering numerous exchange programs, double degrees, and courses of study entirely in English. 

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